New Exec Committee and October Activities

Worker bees have a lifespan of just 6 weeks during summertime; they come and go, but the life of the hive continues.

On that philosophical note, it is time to announce that the tenure of our previous Executive Committee ended with last week’s annual general meeting, but happily, the life of the Society carries on under the guidance of the new Exec Committee, not to mention a clutch of enthusiastic new members.

The new Exec Committee consists of Louise Kessler (President), Sroyon Mukherjee and George Pickering (Secretaries), Jay Kapuria and Regina Weigl (Treasurers) and Sofia Mavronicola (Communications Officer).

Unlike bees which huddle and shiver inside the hive as winter approaches, the Society has been buzzing with activity. An august delegation from LSE Bees will attend the London Honey Festival this Sunday, and we will also have honey sale and tasting sessions later this month, where members can taste and purchase this year’s honey harvest. Watch this space for more details!


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