Save the Bees!

Bees are under threat worldwide from disease, pesticide and habitat loss- this is a serious problem for biodiversity and food security in the medium term.

For a comprehensive overview, look at the UNEP report: Global Bee Colony Disorders and Other Threats to Insect Pollinators.

It highlights for example that of the 100 crop species providing 90 per cent of the world’s food, bees pollinate more than 70 per cent.

What would we do without them??

In economic terms, pollinator services contribute around US$200 billion a year to the global economy.

Welcome to LSE Bees!

Hello all,

Welcome to the online home of LSE Beekeeping!

We are an initiative supported by the Sustainable Projects Fund of LSE, a generous grant that is giving us the opportunity to install two beehives in the rooftops of WC2 by spring 2012.

Until then, we want to reach out to other interested members of the LSE community, learn more about these fascinating creatures, how to take care of them and probably eat some honey.

We invite you to follow us during this build up and join the world of Urban Beekeeping!