Honey Bake Sale + Movie Night

As part of LSESU Green Week 2018, we organised a Honey Bake Sale, where all items – sweet or savoury – had to include honey as an ingredient.

Alaina’s baklavas won the popular vote and she took home a jar of LSE Honey as her prize. But every single dish was delicious, and we especially loved the bee-themed ones: the honeycomb Madeleines and the Honey and Ricotta Cake with a bee design (pictured above). Iselin, who baked the Honey and Ricotta Cake, kindly shared the recipe with the note, “I used berry liquor on sale instead of rum (poor student).”

After the bake sale we had a screening of Rotten: Lawyers, Guns and Honey – a gripping Netflix documentary about the dark side of the global honey industry, rife with adulteration, hive thefts and other shady dealings. Refreshments were provided (what is a movie night without popcorn!) though most people had already stuffed themselves beforehand on the bake-sale offerings.



3 thoughts on “Honey Bake Sale + Movie Night

  1. Tom

    I’ll have to watch that documentary, I wasn’t aware of it but it sounds very interesting!
    I put honey in almost everything these days lol. You can’t beat it as a natural sweetener!
    hope you don’t mind me adding this bit I have a website dedicated to bee lovers and bee keepers at https://thehumblebumble.co.uk/collections/favourite-bee-gifts
    I’m also trying to do my bit by making donations from the proceeds


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