LSE Bees Goes to School (to run a Bee Workshop!)

We do a number of outreach events and we enjoy them all, but just like last year, the absolute highlight was doing a workshop about Bees and the Environment at Fairley House, a school for children with learning difficulties. About 20 children aged 6-9 participated in the workshop: a very different target audience from what we have in our outreach events which are mostly for LSE students and staff.

We started with a short talk covering the different types of bees and their role in pollination, how honey bees are reared domestically for honey and wax, and what we can do to help bees. In between, the children did an activity where they learnt to identify honey bees and some ‘close cousins’: bumblebees, wasps and hoverflies.

After the talk, the children split up into groups and participated in a carousel of two more activities, developed in collaboration with the school’s Geography teacher, Ms Longmore-Reid: a honey-tasting session and a sequencing exercise.


We ended with a Q&A session. The children were especially fascinated by the beekeeping equipment (including some frames with real honeycomb) and had loads of questions.


The children appeared to enjoy the workshop as much as we did, so a huge vote of thanks to Ms Longmore-Reid and the rest of the staff at Fairley House for inviting us back to conduct the most enjoyable bee workshop ever!


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