LBKA Introduction to Beekeeping Course

MatthewThis year we were able to part-sponsor one of our members to take the London Beekeepers’ Association’s Introduction to Beekeeping course. The lucky member, Matthew Bedford, is a second year student of Criminology and Social Policy. In this guest post, he shares his experience and some of his photos. Props to Matthew for attending the course on crutches (having recently dislocated his knee), not to mention in the middle of exams!

Following a fantastic opportunity provided by the LSESU Beekeeping Society, I had the chance to participate in the LBKA ‘Introduction to Beekeeping’ course on the 6th and 7th of May. I can safely say that it was one of the most interesting and fascinating experiences of my life.


A healthy frame (photo credit: Matthew Bedford)

The weekend began with informative lectures in the morning, providing me with great insight into the life of a beekeeper. I learnt more than I could have ever hoped for; I even forgot that I had exams for a brief moment! What really captured my attention was the practical work though: on both days we visited the numerous hives around St. Paul’s Church (Clapham) where we saw these little pollinators hard at work. We even got to see a couple queen bees! I was fortunate enough to have picked the lucky group on the first day and witnessed a swarm in action; we then captured and homed this swarm, and began a new colony.


The swarm (photo credit: Matthew Bedford)

I’m really grateful for the society for subsidising this course and I hope that more people are able to join next year as it was quite literally the Bee’s Knees!


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