Honey’s Here!

We just took delivery of this year’s honey harvest! 80 jars of bottled sunshine to get us through the winter months. (We’re yet to stick the labels on though.)

Remember, only society members can buy the honey (we’re a small outfit, so we – or rather our bees – don’t produce enough to cater to the whole of LSE). Members also get to try the honey for free at our tasting sessions. So if you’re not a member yet, this is a good time to sign up. We will soon publish info on how you can order a jar – watch this space!

How does honey go from hive to bottle? A while back we wrote about the process of harvesting, basically the process of taking frames with excess honey out of the hive. The next step is extraction. In the past we’ve done that at the Bee Collective in Victoria, but this year we did it as a joint event with City University. Here are some pics from ‘extraction day’ with explanatory captions.


Scraping off the wax seals to get at the honey inside


Putting the uncapped frames into a honey extractor which spins the frames around, flinging out the honey with centrifugal force


Manually straining with a sieve when the extractor temporarily malfunctioned


Rows of jars waiting to be filled



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