Sustainability at LSE

Let’s face it: September was the Month of Unabashed Self-Promotion. In a bid to recruit new members at the start of the academic year, we launched (by our standards) a veritable publicity blitz involving a give-it-a-go eventpromotional fliers, and even an inflatable bee costume. And it worked! The LSESU Beekeeping Society now has more members than ever before (85 at last count) – not bad for a niche society.

But it’s October now, and we’re tired of self-promotion (and presumably, so are you). So we decided to write a post which – from here on in – is not about us at all. Instead, we wanted to showcase some other teams and societies within LSE that promote sustainability and environmental causes.

sustainable-lse-logoThe LSE Sustainability Team
: Coordinates the School’s approach to the environment, working with teams across the LSE community to embed sustainability in the everyday life of the university.
Facebook page

EcoSoc: Campaigns on animal rights and climate issues and holds regular screenings, panels and socials.
Facebook page

Sustainable Future Society: Works to increase LSE’s sustainable practices by working jointly with staff and students on environmental initiatives. Also administers the Sustainable Projects Fund.
Website | Facebook page

FoodCycle Society: Raises awareness of and helps tackle food waste, food poverty and social isolation, all whilst supporting the charity FoodCycle.
Facebook page

Oikos: Aims to educate future leaders (i.e. LSE students) about sustainable economics and management.
Facebook page

CSR and Ethical Business Society: Explores how businesses can create a positive impact for the greater community while maintaining and furthering financial incentives.
Facebook page

Energy Society: Shaping the debate on energy-related fields both within and outside LSE.
Website | Facebook page

LSE Divest: Campaigning for LSE to divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies.

LSE Bicycle User Group: A group for LSE students and staff to come together and discuss how to improve cycling in and around the School.

So, which of these do you want to get involved with? And are there are any other LSE societies or groups we should have covered?

Special thanks to the LSE Sustainability Team for organising a ‘Get Involved’ event on 26 September where we got to meet representatives from many of these societies and found out about the fantastic work they do.

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