Supersedure! (or, Meet Our New Committee)

What happens when a queen grows old? Left to themselves, the bees replace her with a new virgin queen – a process known as supersedure.

When the virgin queen emerges from her cell, the first thing she does is to kill any rival virgin queens by stinging them repeatedly. The old queen is killed off too, though no one is quite sure how it happens – is she murdered or starved to death by the workers, or killed by the virgin queen herself?

Anyhow, supersedure in the LSESU Beekeeping Society is much less grisly affair. The transfer of power occurred at an AGM in Room 9.05 of Tower 2, without a drop of blood being spilt. The AGM was chaired by Louise, who steered the society wonderfully well as last year’s President (and caused a sensation at Freshers’ Fair in her bee suit).

And thus we introduce you to our new Exec Commitee for 2016-17:

Top row: Sroyon (President), Jay (Treasurer), Ed (Treasurer), Chandra (Secretary)
Bottom row: Tom (Secretary), Jenna (Communications Officer), Rachel (Events Manager)


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