Exclusive interview with Jessica Lobo: LSE’s new Sustainability Engagement Officer


Jessica Lobo joined LSE last month as Sustainability Engagement Officer. Sustainable LSE is a core part of LSE Bees, so we will be working closely with Jess in the weeks and months to come. Welcome to LSE, Jess!

What is your role at LSE?

I’ve just started as the Sustainability Engagement Officer. A lot of my work is coordinating Green Impact but I also do all the comms for the Sustainability Team, and get to work on some fun student initiatives too!

What are the best (and worst) parts of your job?

The best parts of my job are getting to meet all the staff/students and plan creative ways to address sustainability – I spend a lot of my day chatting to Green Impact teams from all departments across the University and I love that – they’re full of exciting ideas! The worst part is probably Wednesday afternoon around 4pm, when I realise I have to wait another week before I can see the bees again..!

Did you know about LSE Bees before you joined?

I’d read somewhere that LSE had some bee hives, but I didn’t know much more than that. It wasn’t until Dan told me that I could join, that I became really excited. Consequently I spent most of my first week at LSE telling my friends that I was going to be a beekeeper.

And has your experience so far with LSE Bees lived up to your expectations?

LSE Bees is great! It’s definitely one of the highlights of my job, and I love meeting the enthusiastic bunch from the Beekeeping Society. I’m looking forward to being able to sample some of the honey soon too..!

As our Sustainability Engagement Officer, do you have any green tips for LSE Students?

There’s a lot you can do to be a greener student, but my best advice would be to get involved in sustainability whilst you’re at university – there’s so much to get stuck into at LSE and it’s all really fun (as well as really beneficial!) I can’t think of many other environments which are so easy to join in with food cycling or get funded for a sustainability project of your own, for example, so it’s such a good hub of opportunity and people.

If I could give LSE students one tip however, it would be to hop on a bike and explore the best of London’s side streets and quirky spots that way. The dozens of bike specific routes make it incredibly easy to cycle now, and it really is the most enjoyable, cheapest and quickest mode of travel compared to the stuffy tube!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m part of the Northbank community choir and I’ve just started learning German – which is going to be a challenge for me! When the weather’s nice you can usually find me in the garden trying to resurrect my latest grow-your-own veg projects (which have varying degrees of success), but now that it’s winter I guess I might try my hand at making some sloe gin and mulled wine instead..!


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