Record Numbers at Our Give-it-a-Go Event

Our ‘Give It a Go’ event, which was also the first hive visit of the new academic year, was a great success. Around 45 people turned up, making it probably our most well-attended hive visit ever (and getting us featured as “Star of the Week” in the latest edition of the LSE Student Newsletter!)

Heeding Dan’s warnings about not having more than 15 people up on the roof at the same time (a health and safety requirement), we did the hive visit in three batches. Some first-time beekeepers had to wait their turn on the Connaught House stairs, but fortunately this did not appear to dampen their spirits (the wait could have been even longer if not for the three extra bee suits which Louise (President 2015-16), with great foresight, had ordered the week before).

To those of you who joined us on the roof, thank you for your interest – we hope to see many of you again at future hive visits!


Beekeeping 101 with our professional beekeeper Luke Dixon


Many people got their first experience of hands-on beekeeping


People not wearing suits, wisely keeping a safe distance


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