10 Reasons to Join LSE Bees

Did you see us at the Freshers’ Fair today? Just in case you missed us, we will be there again tomorrow! If you’re wondering how you’ll recognise us, that’s the least of your worries:


Some students we met said “Hey it’s cool that you have bees on campus but umm… beekeeping is not really my thing.” In case you’re thinking the same thing, we’ve put together 10 great reasons why you should join LSE Bees:

1. Get yearlong, hands-on beekeeping experience under the guidance of a professional beekeeper – Dr Luke Dixon of Urban & Community Beekeeping. By contrast, a two-day introductory beekeeping course costs upwards of £150. No prior experience required!

2. Taste delicious honey which you’ve helped produce.


3. Our membership fee is just £1.50 for a whole year! Former president Amelia Sharman called it “the best £1.50 I ever spent”. The money goes towards hive maintenance and buying necessary supplies such as protective suits (which you can borrow).

4. Our hives are on campus, so there’s no need to travel. And there’s no commitment – you don’t have to turn up if you have exams or something.

5. Meet like-minded students and staff from all across LSE and take part in events like honey tasting and bake sales.

6. Take a break from your studies to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and great views over London from the roof of Connaught House.

7. Learn about the secret lives of bees – they are the most fascinating creatures on the planet (no, we’re not biased at all).

8. Help protect pollinators who play a crucial role in our food supply chain.

9. Annoy your friends with bee puns.

10. Get the best selfies ever (and if we managed to convince you, click here to join!)



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