Two Recent Outreach Events

Introducing people to the amazing world of beekeeping is almost as much fun as beekeeping itself, so we’re always grateful for an opportunity to tell people more about what we do.

Grosvenor House, one of the LSE halls of residence, gave us such an opportunity recently. But at last month’s LSE Celebration of Sustainability 2016, we even had our beekeeping paraphernalia on display! (For more photos from the event, check out Sustainable LSE’s Facebook album.)


And yesterday we set up shop at the LSE Library’s Speed Updating event. The event is loosely based on the concept of speed dating: library staff went round the room in groups, spending 10 minutes at each table learning about different projects such as Green Impact, recycling, and of course, beekeeping!

We tried to make the 10-minute sessions interactive and fun. Here is Dan in full beekeeping regalia, asking unwary staff members to guess what different items (like the smoker or the fondant pack) are used for.



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