Book launch: A Time There Was

Our beekeeper extraordinaire, Luke Dixon, is releasing a book early next month and you’re invited to the launch!

ATimeThereWasThe launch will be held in The Library, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1 on Wednesday 7th October from 6.00 – 7.30. To RSVP, email luke [at]

More details:

Above the vast expanses of the African veld, a brother and a sister are at work. One is gathering honey, the other painting images, preparing to celebrate the coming of the rains:

“The wall of the shallow cave under the overhang of rock was covered in paintings. Paintings of animals and paintings of men, paintings of things that could not be seen except in paintings. She looked closely….Slowly the images came to life as they were touched with the mid-morning sun. Tonight they would move in the flickering light of the fire and their stories would be told.”

This remarkable novella is a vivid evocation of a lost age, the world of the hunter gatherers of southern Africa. Published by the small independent UK publisher Northern Bee Books, this follows the successful publication of the same author’s ‘Bees & Honey, myth, folklore and traditions’.

I love it! It is beautifully written with lots of vivid descriptions; I could easily visualise the climb to the bee hive, the cutting of the honey and the weight as it dropped into the bag; the journey to the rock shelter, the contours of the rock and the mixing of the pigments; the gathering of people round the fire for the feast and the trance dance. As a work of fiction, you have captured what we know of San daily life and belief systems and translated it into an intense little snapshot, that is an easy and delightful (and accurate) read. Dr Helen Anderson, African Rock Art Image Project, The British Museum

Copies will be on sale at the launch for pre-publication price of £7. Hopefully see you there!


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