Want to be the Queen (or King) Bee?

Applications for the LSE SU Beekeeping Society President for 2015/16 are NOW OPEN.

Send your your name and manifesto to lsesu.beekeepingsociety [at] gmail.com by Friday the 12th of June.  The manifestos don’t have to be long (250 words max), and they should outline what you would hope to accomplish over the coming year as President, and why you might be suited to the role.  On the 15th of June we will send out a Doodle poll with the names of the candidates and their manifestos where society members can vote.  Voting will close on the 19th of June at 6pm.  We will announce the President via email on the 19th!

As President, you will be in charge of the whole society.  Some of your responsibilities include organising hive visits; liaising with the members of the LSE Sustainability Team and Luke Dixon (our professional beekeeper); and you will also be responsible for selling our inventory of honey at the end of the summer.  Ideally you would also be able to guide the society over the summer vacation, and you will also hold elections for Treasurer and Secretary in the Michaelmas term.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! When the voting comes around we also strongly encourage everyone to vote!

SS and AS 2

2015/16 Treasurer, Amelia Sharman, and President, Stan Shillington, in the LSE Director’s Office


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