Spot the difference

Just a quick hive visit today as the temperature’s plummeted and we didn’t want to let too much cold air into the hive. But we put our beautiful painted hive in situ (facing vaguely in an easterly direction), improvised a rock pool so the bees could have something to drink and checked on the progress of the new plants (slow, but they’re getting there).

20150429_144342  20150429_144356 20150429_14435020150429_144405

What was quite interesting though was seeing the difference in pollen on the boards of the two hives which currently have bees in them. The cedar hive (top board) has a new queen and bee stock and is all go! The white hive (bottom board) has an old queen (soon to be replaced) and is much less active.

20150429_144509 20150429_144257

Check out the pollen from the cedar hive bees! They’re really getting into the swing of things. Soon we’ll have some new bees in the painted hive as well so it’ll be all go up on the roof.

So make sure you come and visit one time! We’d love to see you there.


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