We’ve lost a hive to colony collapse disorder

We’re all really gutted – we’ve lost one of our hives on Connaught House to colony collapse disorder… When we opened it up today for a final check before the Christmas break it was empty – no bees, no honey, no nothing.

We don’t know where the bees are or what caused it. We don’t use pesticides in our hive (for example we treat our varroa mites with an organic treatment). You can read more about colony collapse disorder all over the web, but here’s a good introduction.

But, we’re going to bounce back and will split the bees from the other hive next year and introduce a new queen, so hopefully it will thrive. We’re also going to give the now empty hive a good clean and will launch a competition to #paintthehive for LSE’s Green Week 2015 – more details on that in the new year.


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