Welcome to our new beekeepers!

During a very welcome break from the wet and windy weather on Wednesday (that’s a lot of w’s!), our new crop of beekeepers for the 2014/15 year had their first hive visit at Connaught House.

Luke explained the basics of a hive check, as well as what we will be getting up to between now and the busy Spring season (basically, hive visits reduce to about once per month to make sure the bees don’t get too cold with us opening the hive too often).


Happily, the hive we were worried might have deformed wing virus is looking really healthy which is great, and there were no more wasps flying around and bothering our bees (although lots in the wasp traps!).



Our newest beekeepers looked great all suited up:


Luke also showed those who couldn’t suit up the base board where we see what type of pollen the bees are collecting and also check for varroa mites:


Following the hive visit we had our first AGM where we discussed plans for our ‘honey money’, organisation for the upcoming honey festival (more details on that soon!) and activities we can plan over the quieter winter season.

So welcome to our new beekeepers-in-training! We’re really excited to have you on board.


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