What can colony collapse tell us about our civilisation?

(c) Katie Scott

(c) Katie Scott

A great article by biologist Mark Winston was recently published in the NY Times that draws parallels between colony collapse and human civilisation. He suggests that we should pay greater attention to the impact of the build-up of minute amounts of pesticides in beehives and think about not only what that means for bee populations, but also ourselves.

He also shares some quite surprising statistics:

“A variety of wild plants means a healthier, more diverse bee population, which will then move to the planted fields next door in larger and more active numbers. Indeed, farmers who planted their entire field would earn about $27,000 in profit per farm, whereas those who left a third unplanted for bees to nest and forage in would earn $65,000 on a farm of similar size.”

It’s quite a short opinion piece so won’t take too much time to read – go here to read it.


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