The Queen’s arrival

Our new hive on Connaught House arrived a few weeks ago and we’ve been eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the new queen so that the hive could really get established.

She came all the way from Argentina (in the post!) and after a few days in quarantine, was ready to make her way to LSE.  So that she can get acclimatised to the hive, and the existing bees can get used to her, she stays in her travel container inside the hive for a few days (she’s accompanied by a few worker bees to make sure she doesn’t get hungry – like real royalty I guess!).

Last week it was finally time to release her into the hive.  It was a bit of a delicate process – you don’t want her to escape! – but everything went to plan.  And then this week, when we checked up on her, she was still there and things looked to be going really well.  Of the four queens Luke has introduced into London hives recently, ours is the only transplant that’s been successful so we’re feeling pretty happy!

A huge thank you to the LSE Annual Fund who provided a grant to make our new hive and planters possible – we’re really grateful!


Getting prepared…


Joseph, our Treasurer, making sure we’ve got enough smoke.


She’s in! You can see the travel case in Luke’s right hand.


Checking out the existing frames.



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