Bees & Honey: Myth, folklore and traditions

Our very own beekeeper, Luke Dixon, has just published a new book Bees & Honey: Myth, folklore and traditions.

ImageHere’s the description: “From the beginning of time to the present day the book show the ways in which bees and beekeeping, honey and wax, are a part of the culture, mythology, theology and folklore of every people in the world. And how humans and bees have had a magical relationship since the creative of the world itself. We will spend a lot of time with the  Ancient Greeks, journey through the harems of Arabia to the savannahs of Africa. And we will visit the English countryside too. Everywhere we go, across centuries and continents, we will find that the tiny humble honeybee, man’s companion as long as there has been a man on the earth, has been and continues to be a source of wonder and magic.”

So if you’re interested and would like a copy (£9.95 inc. P&P), head to his site at!

In other news at Connaught House, the new queen is safely ensconced in her new hive, and we’re going to check on her tomorrow, May Day, to see how she’s going.  Hope to see you there at 1pm!


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