What a pitch!

Congratulations to our newly appointed Executive Members for 2012/13, Joseph Wolfe (Treasurer) and Beauregard Simmons (Secretary)!  I (Amelia Sharman, President) am really looking forward to working with them to get our new hive on Connaught House up and running.

And, because it was far too funny not to share, here’s Beauregard’s pitch for Secretary.  It’s un-beelievably good!

“Why would I bee a good secretary? Well let me lay it out for you in black and yellow. Prepare to bee beedazled and beewitched beecause I’m no bumbling idiot. With the diplomacy of Beerack Obeema and the speed of Bruce Bee, I will help the LSE Beekeeping Society bee all it can bee with service fit for a queen. There will be no winging it or buzzing off when needed, even in the face of man eating zombees. If you choose me as your plan Bee and I finish beehind the others, you won’t hurt my feelers, though it may sting a little. Enough of me droning and waxing on though, but beefore I finish, I want to say I won’t appologize for this swarming of beed puns beecause, it’s not that its beeneath me, but I’m not pollen anyone’s leg. I would beehoove you all to beelieve in me.”


2 thoughts on “What a pitch!

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