A hard summer for bees

It’s been a hard summer for bees in the UK, with yields down by 72% compared to 2011 (see here).  While our hive on Connaught House is looking good as it prepares for winter (pictures coming soon!), other hives haven’t been so lucky.

So why has it been so hard?  As most of you know, it’s been a cold and wet summer here in the UK and that’s not been ideal for  flower growth.  As with many other hives, we’ve had to feed our bees during the summer months – something we shouldn’t need to do when pollen is more abundant.

Hives in London have had a particularly poor season, with hives producing only an average of 2.5kg each.  We didn’t harvest any honey from our hives this year as we figured they’d need it to survive the winter.  Here’s hoping they do!

The British Beekeepers Association argues that we need more trained beekeepers to help support bee populations.  We’re hoping to get another hive for Connaught House for next season so we can do our bit to help UK bee populations survive.

A grey Autumn day in London – less rain and more sunshine please!


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